Wednesday, May 7, 2008

~TONS of pics for you to see!~

(If you have trouble seeing my pics on this post, or it takes a long time to download, I'm sorry. I'm using a different computer and didn't know how to shrink them smaller.)
~2 Saturdays ago I saw a tea room and thought it would be fun to take Laura and her 3 girls and my 2 girls and I and go to a tea room. Then I found out that the local tea room was $20.50 per person for high tea, and that their lowest priced tea was $10.95...and I decided that we would have a tea party at Laura's house. So Laura and I worked together and here is the plate of food we made for our tea party. Laura served real Russian tea that was yummy and we had a nice time for MUCH cheaper than tea room prices. =D~We made some happy girls and are still getting Thanked for our tea party that we put together for them. =)

~That evening Rob and Deanna Kennedy invited us over for a nice hot dog roast. Since it was a chilly night we all enjoyed the heat of the fire.~
~The food was yummy and the fellowship was fun, and our kids had a blast playing together!~
~My dear sister Laura and her precious family. These are the ones that are taking such SPECIAL care of our family while we are here. (Maybe you should say a prayer that God blesses them with 14 extra stars in their heavenly crown for their kindness to us. We are loving being together. =)
~Our dear friend Sherri Patton is a massage therapist and she gave me a massage and really worked on my feet and got a lot of the swelling to go away. Thanks bunches, Sherri!~
~Our kids playing with Sherri's girls.~
~Some friends gave Gram and Gramp (my parents) this turtle sandbox for their grandkids. Here my Daddy is filling it with sand for our kids to play in. Thanks, Gramp!~
~The Mother/Daughter tea that my Moma spoke in at Carthage, IN. It was a special time!~
~Our kids and Gram and Gramp filling up their water jugs at a nice spring near my parents home where they get their water.~

~Our kids and their cousin Isaiah at the park. (Notice my sweetheart Phillip on the slide behind them. Hee! Hee!~
~Michael, Beth (And baby) and Isaiah at the park!~
~Beth (my sis-in-law)and I and our baby bumps. Beth is 3 months pregnant, and I'm 9 months pregnant!~
~Our kids LOVED swinging and spinning on this tire swing. "HIGHER FASTER"! Was their cry! =D~
~Our kids and their cousin Isaiah in the tree!~
~Isaiah turned 2 and his Mommy made him a yummy cake!~
~Our fun and yummy "picnic" on the back porch with Michael, Beth, Isaiah, Beth's parents, and our family!~

~Cousins Noah and Isaiah getting scrubbed up after a long day of playing together.~

Only 17 more days until our baby is due...May 24th! Please pray...Phillip has tickets to fly to Colombia for a week this Saturday, May 10th, returning May 17th. He wants/needs to go to encourage the pastor who is filling in for us and to take a bunch of PACES to the ACE school there in Bogota. We are hoping and praying that our baby waits for his Daddy to come back to Ohio before he makes his appearance. Thanks!


LaDonna said...

We had dinner with your Aunt Linda, Christa and David last night, and we were wondering if Baby had made his appearance yet. I guess not! And what a surprise to see a picture of Sherry Patton. Please say hello to her for me.

Kim M. said...

I enjoyed all of your pictures. It's nice that you can make visits with your family before your baby arrives!

Take care... praying!

Beth said...

Heather, Thanks for coming by we LOVED having you all here. Its helped me out just as much as you needed it ;-) Isaiah had so much fun. Can't wait to see our new little baby boy. So hurry up and have We love you all.

Vonnie said...

Everything and everyone looks wonderful It was really good to see the picture of Daryl and Laura and family. Bryan is really growing up!!

mrstcd said...

I watch your blog even though we've never met. You and my daughter are due within a day or 2 of each other so that's an interesting point to keep up with. We do know Andy and Vonnie- we met them (and your folks on a visit) when we lived in Dot Lake , AK, working for North Star Children's home. I hope you have a very easy delivery!and all is well!
Connie Downer-OH

Ronda said...

Enjoyed all of your new pictures!! The tea party looked like lots of fun...Your creative tea party food looked so pretty! (Isn't it neat to be a girl?) Hope that you are taking good care of you enjoyed the massage therapist! So nice for you and well deserved! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I understand your desire to have your husband home - we're in a very similar situation right now b/c my husband has to go away for training over my due date. I'll pray you have the baby TODAY!! Keep encouraged!

loree2000 said...

WOW! Your due date is almost around the corner.

The family photos are sweet! Looks like you're having fun!
Hopefully baby waits til Philip gets back! We'll pray that he does!

TTYL! Lori R.

Marty said...

Praying for you cuz!! Love ya bunches!

Eileen said...

Hello Heather, It has been a little while since I have been able to write you. You are still looking good. Just to encourage you, I will pray for you and your request for daddy to be there when baby comes. It looks like you all are enjoying your family and all that is going on in your life right now. I pray all goes well. May God Bless Each of you. Oh! Tell Michael I said we said hi. Have a blessed day!

Valorie said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Enjoyed seeing what your little family is up to. and I love the new pics on the sidebar -- they're lovely. I will be praying for you and the new baby, and that Philip makes it back in time! Happy Mother's Day, Heather. You're a great mom. Love you.

Donna said...

Hi and congrats on the baby! I work with Leah and she was telling me you had your baby - while I was browsing your blog, I saw Sherri Patton - I remember her from Faith Bible School. Please tell her Donna Pedersen sends a "hello"!! (I'm Jen Pedersen's sister-in-law)

Have a super day!

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