Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~More pics of Elijah's first days!~

Here are the pics that I had promised to post. The computer I have been using to blog with will not be available to use for a few days, so when you don't hear from me, you'll know why. I've put a ton of pics on here for you to enjoy. =)
~Pastor Eisenhart and my parents visiting Elijah and I in the hospital.~~Precious little Elijah!~
~Mommy's 4th treasure from Heaven!~
~I LOVE THIS PIC...Elijah's hand holding on to Mommy's hand!~
~Aunt Nesi and Lorna picked up my neice Natasha (who stayed with me all night and all day and was a great help) Elijah and I and took us home from the hospital.

~Aunt Nesi, baby Elijah and I heading home to Laura's house.~
~The next morning Natasha and Kimberly made me a breakfast tray and brought it to me in bed. =)
~The nice breakfast tray that they made me.~
~Kimberly holding the welcoming "It's a boy" balloon that Laura tied to her mailbox.~ (There is a horse farm right across from Laura's house and a girl from our church works there. One of the horses just delivered a colt and they made up a sign saying, "IT'S A BOY! 53 LBS. 36 INCHES LONG!" The girl from our church tried HARD to get that sign to put by Laura's mailbox and my "It's a boy" balloon. All of Laura's neighbors that saw how HUGE I was before I delivered would have probably believed that sign. HA!)
~My SWEETHEART got home safely to us from Colombia! He surprised me and came in 2 hours earlier than I was expecting.~
~Showing Daddy our newest member of our family!~ =D
Phillip brought me a beautiful flower, a baby rattle, and the WORLD'S SWEETEST card that he had written for me!!~ (Also, I forgot to post a pic of the beautiful flowers that 1. our Christian Nation Church, 2. Daddy and Moma's church in Westfield (Union Friends) and 3. Grandma and Grandpa Dickinson all sent to me in the hospital!)
~Our adorable doll baby!~
~Uncle Michael, Aunt Beth and Isaiah came to see little Elijah.~
~We had a nice visit together with them and the Hausmans. Melinda Shirk brought in our yummy supper...Thanks Melinda!~
~Uncle Michael holding tiny Elijah!~
~Kimberly, Sarah, Noah and Elijah on Elijah's first Sunday. Phillip took the kids and went to church and my sister Laura stayed with Elijah and I.~
~Uncle Daryl finally gets to hold Elijah. (I didn't realize that he hadn't even held him.)

~Here I am...On the way to the hospital to have Elijah...! May 14th!
~Here I am...May 20th...6 days later...happy to be rid of that HUGE HEAVY baby bump...and THRILLED to have our Elijah where I can hold and kiss him now!!!~~May 20th...Our Church had a special Mother-Daughter Tea party and Jesus helped Elijah and I to be able to go! It was a special time to be with my 2 special daughters, and the other ladies of our church which includes my sweet sister Laura and her girls too.~
~Laura and I~
~Kimberly and Sarah, Brittany their cousin and Bryanna.~~Sarah, Darla her cousin, Anna, and Kiana.
~We had yummy food, great fellowship and an all around special time as Mother's and Daughters.~

I just took Elijah for his one week old check up and the doctor said that he looks perfectly healthy and has gained back up to his birth weight, so nursing is going great! Thank the Lord!
Elijah and my family are precious, Life is good, God is awesome, and I'm exhausted~so I'll sign off for now. =D


Stephanie said...

Heather - thanks so much for sharing. So many of us have travelled this journey with you from a distance! We are thankful that God has protected you and Elijah, and brought Philip safely home to you. Your family is a blessing and inspiration to ours, and we thank God for you!

lila said...

The pics are precious. I'm so glad all is going well. Yes Jesus is awesome. Thank you for sharing. love you tons. Can't wait to see Elijah!

Karen Walden said...

Thanks for all the pictures you have shared with all of us! I have really enjoyed them. You look WONDERFUL to be just a week post partum by the way! So glad everything is going so well for you and baby Elijah!

Vonnie said...

He is so beautiful, Heather, I know I have said that every post!! You look awesome and I know you must feel better not being so off balance. That would have been so funny to have that horse sign next to the balloon. I'm jealous of all the fun you and Laura are having!! I miss my sister so badly!

Kelly S said...

What a doll! Congratulations! I don't know why I didn't think to look at your blog after you left Columbia. I had a ton of catching up to do when I realized you've still been posting! So glad all is well with you and baby. It was so nice to see you at IHC.

Ronda said...

You look fabulous, Heather! Loved the new pictures..."Dad" looks pretty pleased and the tea party pics were adorable! Keep enjoying that precious new Mr. Elijah! He is SO cute!

Sarah Cook said...

Wow! I am sure that you feel MUCH better now! Your baby is so precious!

Noah and Heather said...

Hi! I am Dan and Denise's niece and got here from their blog.
Elijah is adorable! I am glad that he is safely here and that your husband is back home as well.

loree2000 said...

Heather, I'm glad everything is going well for you and baby Elijah!! What sweet photos!


A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

He is a beautiful baby. I know your are so happy to be able to hold him in your arms. The sweet smell of little ones is next to heaven. God bless and have fun!!

Liz said...

Heather, Elijah is so cute and chubby!! He looks older than he is!! You look wonderful as well...wish we could all look that great a week after having a baby!

Rhonda Grate said...

Heather - I was so excited to see the pictures of you and your family. You have a beautiful family! I'm glad you all are doing so wonderful! God Bless You All!!

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