Sunday, August 20, 2017

~Abigail turns 3!~

THANK YOU for your prayers for our Comargo camp.  The Lord helped and gave us a glorious camp. I plan to post pics of that soon.  BUT FIRST....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet little Abigail!!! She brings soooo much JOY to our family.  She is very loving, cares for others, loves to snuggle and makes us laugh.  Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for sending her our way.  We cannot imagine life without her!!!
 ~Some weeks ago I was in Goodwill trying to find some blouses for Abigail when I came across this one.  It was PERFECT!!
It says:
"I'm the Birthday Girl"  And has a 3 on it!! ~

 ~We took these pics with her baby doll right before we left for church, and then after she got to church she got to hold....~
 ~A REAL doll baby, Baby Eily Kline. :-) ~
~Around our dinning room...~
" 3 yrs. old"

 ~Her gifts were a doctor's kit, an umbrella, doll baby, a little brown grizzly bear, a puzzle, some Tupperware dishes, and some window crayons and fruit roll-ups from U. Daryl and A. Laura.~
 ~Fun Happy Birthday candles.~
 ~Very colorful cupcakes...Thanks to Sam's club.~

 ~Daryl and Laura and family joined us.  WE MISSED NATASHA AND KIMBERLY!! (Natasha moved to Hobe Sound to teach there, and Kimberly is down in TN taking care of her GG {Great Grandmother}!!)~
 ~We only let Abigail blow out one candle...her's....  :-)
That's one ornery smile.~

 ~Sarah helping Abigail open her gifts.~

 ~We got her this little Tupperware set.  I had one when I was a little girl and LOVED it!!!~
 ~Window crayons from U. Daryl and A. Laura.~
 ~A little cabbage patch baby that will go into the bathtub with Abigail~
~And she got nice cards and gifts inside from Gramp and Gram and U. Dan and A. Carole...but she's taking a nap, and will have to open those when she gets up. :-D~
Hoping to be better at that we are home!

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