Sunday, May 21, 2017

~The rest of Elijah's party, Sarah's Sweet 16th, and Easter~

This post will be long and cover 2 of our children's birthdays and our Easter.  Life is sooo crazy Busy, that I'm just now getting to post about Sarah's party we had in April and our Easter.
As I mentioned in my last post, God made it possible for us to go to the Creation Museum to celebrate Elijah's 9th birthday. We had a delightful day.  Here are a few more pics.
~No, I have not lost my mind wearing a was a CHILLY MAY DAY!!!

 ~The night before we had Aunt Laura's ice cream cake at our house.
Elijah has always loved (and "identified" with Curious George, so we decorated with those.~

 ~And he added one of his favorite gorillas.~

 ~That night Mary lost her top front tooth.~
 ~Elijah threw on these jean bib overalls on George.  :-) ~
 ~Earlier that day, 5 of our children went to the dentist.  Here is Mary.~
 ~Aunt Laura had a yummy ice cream cake, but since it was strawberry (pink) and Elijah's a boy..., we threw on some Oreo Cookies. :-) ~
 ~It was fun to have some of Laura's family join us.~
 ~Elijah's balloon got stuck in our L.R. fan.~
 ~When we miscarried our babies last year, Phillip planted a rose bush in Memory of both of them.  Here's some of the pretty roses from one their bushes.~
 ~Phillip showing Elijah one of his birthday gifts...a survival kit.~
 ~Part of our breakfast on the day we ran to Creation Museum.  (I went all out that morning. ;-) ~

 ~We bought subway sandwiches for our lunch to eat at the Creation Museum.~

 ~Noah was being silly and put his Americana Fidget Spinner in front of the Apostle Paul at the Creation Museum.~
 ~Two very good quotes from the Creation Museum.~

 ~The Petting Zoo~

 ~The Swinging bridge~

 ~And Dear United Dairy Farmers (UDF) was having a FREE double dip cone that day.  So on the way home we all got one. :-) ~

 ~Except Abigail who was sleeping we made her some ice cream in a UDF cup. :-) ~

~My Brownie bites and a cream to feed the fam one day.~

~Our bedroom looking Springy.~

 ~We are sooo Blessed to have our second daughter Sarah.
Jesus must have smiled when He made Sarah, cause she's been making people smile ever since.
First off, Sarah LOVES JESUS!
Secondly, She LOVES her family!
She is hilarious and makes us all laugh.  She loves to quote stories and songs at Just the right moment.  She's is very caring and loving and always looks out for others.  Sarah is our girly girl.  She loves pink, lace, and frills. She's a huge help to Mommy. She loves to write/draw/craft/play the piano.  She loves to hang out with Kimberly and Mommy!  She takes after her Mommy and can find some GREAT bargains at Goodwill in no time flat. :-)

Sarah's birthday is actually in December...
but she Adores the month of APRIL!
So, back in December when she turned Sweet 16, 
She asked if we could PLEASE wait till April to have her party.

SOOO, Exactly 3 days before Easter, and 5 days before IHC...
We had her party in our home!
(Yes, she is one LOVED little girl, for Mommy to do a party during such a BUSY TIME!! :-)

The day before Kimberly ran with Sarah to Eden Park and did a photo shoot. 
The DAY OF the party, I ran to Sams and developed them. :-) ~

~Sarah's pics turned out FUN!~

 ~Sarah wanted to develop lots of pics of her friends to hang on a string at her party. These are some of the pics she developed.
Sarah and her cousin Darla.~

 ~Sarah and her friend RaeQuelle~

 ~Sarah and her friend Gaby from Colombia.~
 ~Sarah's friend Valen from Argentina.~
 ~RaeQuelle, Sarah and Sarah's Big Sister Kimberly.
Kimberly and Sarah are GREAT friends...which makes this Mommy sooo HAPPY!~
 ~Baby Sarah.~

 ~One of our Favorite pics of Sarah.~
 ~Sarah set a pretty table.~
 ~Sarah saw a "Sweet 16" cake topper on Etsy, but it was $12.00 and she knew that she could make one.  So, she looked at it, traced it onto cardboard, cut it out and glued gold glitter to it.  Jesus helped her and it turned out sooo cute!~

 ~I made Oreo Cookie balls...~
 ~With edible gold stars.~

~Sarah set a beautiful table using Mommy's dishes.
The pretty candle holders in the center belong to the girls.~

~Kimberly made Sarah's delicious cake.  Sarah requested white icing with Peanut Butter mixed in, and a Chocolate cake. :-) ~

 ~Darla took these FUN pics of our chandelier looking down on Sarah's pretty table.~

 ~Kimberly made Macaroons for Sarah's party favors.~
~These pretty candle holders in the center belong to the Kimberly and Sarah.~
 ~RaeQuelle gave Sarah this adorable jar that she made with flowers.~

 ~Sarah wrote this on the chalkboard.~

 ~Thank the Lord for Debbie and her girls...they arrived early and helped us a TON! :-) ~

 ~All the girls around the table.~

 ~Darla and Abby taking pics of their plates. :-) ~
 ~Playing games.~

 ~I set up a coffee bar to go with Sarah's cake and ice cream.~

~The day after Sarah's birthday found our Home School group from our church having an Easter Nursing Home service. 
Kimberly and I played.
 ~Mary and I played Because He lives on the piano.~
 ~The nursing home was so kind to feed us treats.~
 ~Elijah and Mary saying their parts about Jesus' death and resurrection.~


 ~The Nursing Home hid eggs for our kids to find~
 ~Abigail found one of the PRIZE eggs and that meant she got a BIG prize. :-) ~

 ~Dear Bro. Murphy from our church, Jake, and Noah.~

 ~Afterwards we all went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.~
 ~Grocery shopping on the way home.~
 ~Michael and Beth dropped in for a little while.  So, this is Abigail and her cousin Ava playing the piano together.~

~Our Easter 2017~

 ~We invited Daryl and Laura and family and our dear friends the Harveys over for Easter.~

 ~I was Happy to find these cute paper plates at the Christmas Tree shops 50 plates for $3.99. 
I knew I would be tooo TIRED to wash a bunch of dishes on the Monday before IHC, so I snatched those plates up! ~

~There were 19 of us in I set 2 tables.~
 ~There were 19 of us in all.~

 ~I think I had told you earlier that I was making bloomers for our girls for Easter/IHC... Here are a couple pairs of Abigails.~

 ~I love this hand made lace that I found in one of my Moma's bins of material she gave me. ~
 ~Not wanting to get our kids a ton of candy, we gave them a tad of candy and different gifts for Easter.
Sarah wanted cereal with Strawberries, these shoes, tic tacs, and Mac and Cheese. (I don't buy that much and our kids love it!)~

 ~Just a tad of candy, a bowl for each child. (Kimberly just wanted cash. :-) ~
~Abigail, Mary, Elijah, and Noah's gifts.~
 ~We did the Resurrection Cookies together the night before.~

 ~Sweet little Abigail wearing her little shoes.~
 ~And using Mommy's chapstick.~

 ~Lying down in church...with her little bloomers and shoes showing.~
 ~Then, Off came the shoes. :-) ~
~Dear Zack took our family pic for us.~

 ~Kelly and RaeQuelle helped out by bringing some yummy desserts.  Laura brought lots of yummies to help out as well.~
 ~And Kelly made me this Adorable jar as a hostess gift.  :-)  ~
 ~Phillip wanted an "Arnold Palmer"...which is half lemonade half tea...and we thought this was neat how it stayed separated.~

 ~I made a coconut cake in the shape of a cross.~
 ~Some sweet people in TN gave us Christmas this year...and they gave this adorable smocked dress to Abigail.~
 ~I was soooo HAPPY when I saw this dress and knew it was going to be her Easter dress.~
 ~Sarah and her cousin Darla.
(Also besides having Sarah's party on Thursday night, doing the nursing home service on Friday and then grocery shopping and getting home late,
ON SATURDAY Sarah and I had to fix her Easter dress.
It was wayyyy to short. So with LOTS OF PRAYER,
We took another dress and cut it off and added to Sarah's Easter dress to make it long enough.
Jesus helped us....and We finished LATE Saturday night...
AND THEN I set the table and started getting ready for the 19 people who were coming to our house for Easter dinner.
Monday we were washing up dishes and getting ready for IHC
and Tuesday began IHC.  (Needless to say, I was already DEAD tired when IHC started! :-) ~

Thank you for dropping by.  I trust that you are having  a great start to your summer...or soon to be summer.
We are heading tomorrow to take our kids camping with several Dear friends from our Church.  

Remember...STAY IN LOVE with JESUS, 
If you have a husband...stay in LOVE with Him, 
Love your family and friends around you...and let's keep BUSY WORKING FOR JESUS...
All the while listening for His Return!!



Sherry L Dickinson said...

Have mercy, Heather, I have idea how on the face of this earth you were able to get all of this accomplished, and then actually go to IHC! ! ! ! You certainly made memories for all of these occasions, not to mention that you made so many people happy with these glamorous times of getting together. Bless your dear, hard-working, hospitable heart! What fun, what fun, what fun your little family made for everyone! I trust Jesus will bless all you do for others, and use your love to help others make it to Heaven. It was all of the sacrifices from other Christian people when I was young that made me love them, and then helped me to want to love Jesus the way they did. Who on earth made Sarah's Sweet Sixteen cake, and what kind of cake was it? It is absolutely beautiful, and so is the pretty cake topper of "Sweet Sixteen" on it that Sarah made! These were lovely pictures, of lovely people, in the midst of lovely occasions. Smile. Love, Mom D

Moma said...

I left you a comment but see that it is not here! So I will try again. I enjoyed seeing the piles of pictures of Sarah on her "birthday" and think Kimberly needs to go into the business of taking pictures! I wonder how you did all that you did and still got to INC, I used to get all that done too but now anymore! Lots of love, Moma

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