Tuesday, February 14, 2017

~Happy Valentines Day!~

Wishing my Sweetheart, Phillip, who is in Medellin, Colombia, a VERY HAPPY Valentines Day!!!!  HOW I LOVE AND MISS HIM!!!!
~Pic taken at Old Church in New Mexico, Jan. 2017.~
The morning after Phillip left, one of my older girls said she wasn't feeling the best.  Then my Noah said the same thing.  Then Mary came down and told me that Abigail's EAR was bleeding.  All I could imagine was that she had BURST AN EAR DRUM...and I about Despaired.
Thankfully, she did NOT burst an ear drum...but SOMEHOW...and NONE OF US KNOW HOW...she cut her ear very badly in 2 places!! Maybe Scissors?  :-(
So, last Wednesday was the first of MANY Sick days for our family.  It hit me later on that day. Just when I think one of us is better, they/we spend the next day in BED. :-(

~Here's some of my Valentines day decor and other family pics.  
The CANDY buffet in our dining room. 
(And NO, the candy is NOT why we got sick, because it's been a NO-NO for several days now!! :-) ~
~Left over Christmas candy, nuts, candy.~

 ~This is my pretty red tray that my Sarah got me for Christmas for 70% off from KARMS thrift store in TN. ~
 ~A "Help-Yourself" little galvanized caddy filled with nuts, crackers, raisins, pumpkin seeds, gummies, and candy.~
 ~A tiny Hot chocolate bar.~

 ~A sweet little old cabinet for our China tea cups.  Sarah got this little cup and saucer with Gold Fleur De Lis on it.  It matches my gold "LOVE" nicely.~
 ~Daddy's last Sunday with us, he was praying UP FRONT...and I was SUPPOSED to be watching Abigail in our pew.
However, I got to praying away, and then I noticed that Phillip's VOICE MOVED AWAY from the mic...and when I looked up at him...HE WAS HOLDING ABIGAIL!! :-)
SHE (Like our other 3 Girls and I) ADORES HER DADDY!!~
 ~Fun find!  Got These letters in an 80 or 90% off After-Christmas-sale....Perfect for my Valentines Day Centerpiece.~
 ~Phillip and Heather!!!!  FOREVER!!!~
 ~In the 2nd Bath.   I STILL DO!!!~
 ~This is Love.  Those 2 little girls (Mary and Abigail)  LOVE each other.  It's so Cute! They are always sleeping RIGHT together every morning.  ~
 ~Abigail came to me so PLEASED to be the "bearer of this note on a napkin" sent to me from big sister Kimberly.
Poor Abigail had no way of knowing that the note asked me if I could PLEASE KEEP ABIGAIL DOWNSTAIRS!! :-) ~
 ~We had yummy Shrimp Tostadas before Phillip left.  Our cousin Sylvia D. fed these to us YEARS ago and we have always loved them.  So Fresh and yummy!!!
Just dice Cooked Shrimp, tomatoes, onion, and add Plenty of Fresh Lime juice and salt and let set for as long as you can to mix flavors (a few minutes to an hour or so), then before serving... on each tostada add cilantro and diced Avocado.  YUM!!~
 ~A sweet note that Daddy wrote to our children before he left.~
 ~Muffins I made for the kids and I after Phillip left for Colombia.~
 ~The cousins came over and we had banana splits.~
 ~When the kids got sick, Noah ran out with me to get some medicine.  I dropped by Coffee Emporium to get us each a coffee. (Yes, I still have my black eye.) ~
 ~On our old ice box.~
 ~On the Mantel in the Living room.
Michaels had all of these letters on SALE. But, they only had an L and E left in the galvanized, so I looked in the white letters for the O and V.
But they only had an O and A.  So, Phillip cut out the middle of the A so I could have my V.  :-) ~
 ~When my kids got sick, I added COUGH DROPS to the candy buffet.  That's the only thing they wanted to grab.  :-) ~
 ~This morning for Brunch, I somehow found the energy to set a table and make biscuits, soppy chocolate and bacon for the kids and I.~
 ~I enjoyed using the NICE tall iron skillet that my Father-in-law gave to me in which to fry my bacon.~

 ~I made some yummy Chinese tea for our breakfast.~

~My sweetheart thought ahead and left me the sweetest Valentines gift and card before he went to Colombia.~

 ~On our old Gas stove.~

 ~I love this sign that says, "HE STOLE MY HEART, SO I TOOK HIS LAST NAME!!"
(And I'm SOOO GLAD I DID!! :-) ~

 ~A fun pic that Mrs. Earline in LA took of Phillip and I in a boat.~
 ~In the Kitchen.~
 ~I love these fun tablespoons.  The 1/4 teaspoon has a heart on the top.~
 ~So True about my Phillip.~
 ~Another one of my Loves.~

 ~All of my Loves in One Pic!!~
I hope that you and your family are well.  We are hoping we are getting over this cold/flu and can go to church again soon!!
Continued prayers for Phillip and Bro. Becker.  They are in Medellin, Colombia.  They fly to Peru on Thursday.
I was SO HAPPY to have part of my family come to see us this past Weekend.  Pics of that FUN time coming soon.


Moma said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures in front of the old church. I am glad that you took me over to your house before we left coming home. I enjoyed seeing all your decorations and your new letters! It came to me this afternoon that you could stack your saucers up on top of your little white cabinet, since they won't fit inside. I loved that old cabinet. That was so cute of Abigail running off to be with her Daddy while he was leading in prayer, I just shared it with your Daddy and we got a laugh out it. I enjoyed seeing the ocean picture of you all on the beach, the clouds were lovely! That was nice of you to make the family Soppy Chocolate for breakfast, that recipe came from Moma Morgan, Mother's Moma. Someone said that they got the recipe from OK and had it as a girl. Lots of love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Umm umm, that little red tray from Sarah is so cute, and your tiny china cabinet with pretty cups in it is adorable! Sarah's cup with the gold and your gold word 'love' is perfect together! I so enjoyed seeing the picture of Abigail and Mary sleeping 'together'. It made me happy to hear you say that they dearly love each other. Smile. I laughed thinking of how happy Abigail was, as she brought you the note from Kimberly asking you to keep her downstairs. Our old cast iron kettle is really good for frying bacon, as the high sides keep the grease from splattering too badly. I like it too, that you took Phillip's name; in fact, a lot of us were made happy from that transaction. Smile. I'm glad that Phillip left you a Valentine's gift and card. Things like that make for a happy wife. The boat picture is so fun because it reminds one of those antique pictures that show a couple in a boat on the water, which pictures I have always thought were so neat. It was very nice having your little family here in Phoenix with us in January. Dad and I are still happily reminiscing about different things that happened, while you all were visiting. Thank you so much for taking time to stay awhile with us. Much love, Mom D

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