Monday, January 25, 2016

~Our Trip to Iguazu Falls...part 2~

OK, here we are posting part 2 of our WONDERFUL ALL-EXPENSE PAID trip to see the Iguazu Falls! They are one of the 7 Natural wonders of the world.
Someone said this: 
"With more than 275 falls, the Iguazu are the most majestic of water falls. The most scenic one is the curved cataract christened the 'devils throat' that has 14 falls that drop to a height of 350 feet."
Some say that Iguazu Falls is the 2nd largest Falls in the world.
Again, there are LOTS of pics which you can quickly scan over, but I wanted to include on my blog, so I can print them off in my BLOG BOOK for our family to keep!  ~Heather~
~On Sunday we went to Aunt Caro's Dad's church in Paraguay!
That was the first time that our family had been in Paraguay, so it was fun to add another country to our list of countries we have been in. ~

~Waiting in line at the border of Paraguay.~

~A youth choir that sang at the church where Caro's Dad pastors.  Caro's niece was singing in the choir.~
~Caro's dear Daddy on the left.~
~They had asked Phillip to greet the congregation and Leo was translating for him.~

~Abigail and Mary in their nearly matching jumper and skirt.~

~After service they served a yummy lunch and then Caro's Dad directed a choir and we sat in and listened.~
~This church just recently celebrated 30 years, and they HAND COPIED THE WHOLE BIBLE!!!  Each member worked on a book.~

~I cannot even imagine coping one page of the Bible MISTAKE FREE, let alone the WHOLE BIBLE.  :-) ~

~Caro's Dad and Phillip with the hand-copied Bible.~

~We had bought a Paneton Fruit cake to give to him.~
~It was fun to see the Christmas decorations in Paraguay~

~They stopped by and showed us that FROM could see Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay all in this ONE SPOT.~

~Some of us didn't walk down there for the ground was VERY MUDDY with RED MUD.
~Elijah, Caro, and I visiting back by the van.~
~Back to our hotel in Brazil.~
~Kimberly holding a sleeping baby Abigail outside our hotel room.~

~adorable Abigail's little feet in her cute little sandals from Aunt Luann.~  :-)

~Phillip and Abigail were in the beautiful woods and trails behind the hotel.
~Bird of Paradise.~
~Phillip and I.~
~The kids playing in one of the many play rooms at the hotel.~

~Us playing ping pong.~

~And eating a picnic in the cool ping pong room.~

~Then Leo and Caro, and Phillip and I played some games of ping pong...against each. ~
~Abigail...sporting her TWO piggy tails.~

~Here we are on the Argentine side of the Iguazu falls.~
~In all the pics you see us wearing bands, for we had to wear these in order to stay in our hotel.~

~We were waiting on the train, and by a snack bar....when all of the sudden we heard someone yell...and saw that this MONKEY had jumped down and GRABBED SOMEONE'S sandwich they had just ordered, and then scampered up into the tree to eat his SNACK.  :-) ~
~The train that would take us to the main part of the Falls.~
~Abigail on the train.~

~This says, "Welcome to the trail to "Garganta del Diablo...or throat of the devil."  NOT QUITE THE NAME I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN.... FOR THE MOUTH OF THE FALLS THAT OUR GOD CREATED!!~
~Walking out to the Mouth of the falls.~

~Kimberly holding Abigail...trying to keep her from getting wet from the rain, and falls.~

~The Mist rising from the mouth of the falls.~

~It had rained a lot so there was more water than normal...and the color of the water is because the mud is RED around there.~

~Mary and I.~
~And with her eyes closed.~

~An usie at the Mouth of this AWESOME FALLS...CREATED BY OUR AWESOME GOD!!~

~A pretty bird.~

~Our quick lunch before we got on the train, to see some more falls.~
~Elijah made friends with this little boy from England....Elijah was happy that he spoke English.~

~On the trail~
~Valen and Sarah.~
~These falls are called "The Two Sisters."

~Abigail eating her roll while on Daddy's back.~
~Leo and Caro taking an usie.~
~DEAR Leo and Caro.~
~Phillip and I.~

~Heading down to see another falls that we could REALLY FEEL!!~

~You could walk out and stand nearly UNDER the falls and then in turn get SOAKING WET from the spray!!!~

~Phillip, Mary, and I...getting soaked from overspray!!~

~Kimberly and Phillip getting soaked.~

~Sarah coming back from getting soaked.~
~Sarah, Mary, Valen, and Phillip BACK out to get RE-soaked.~

~The Sheraton Inn on the Argentine Side of the falls.~
~The Beautiful white and blue Argentine flag.~
~An old light house or something.~
~On the train back to get in the van to go back to Brazil where our hotel was.~
~Phillip and some of the kids, and Bubu and Valen,...with A Huge Mate cup. (Mate is a special tea that you drink with a cup and a special straw~

~Our family.~

~Bubu and Valen.~
~Valen the tiger ?, and Mary the park ranger.~
~Elijah the park ranger.~
~If you can see these 2 maps, this will give you a better idea about the Iguazu falls.  On the Right is the Argentine side, and on the left is the Brazil side.~

~We got back to the hotel in enough time for the kids to swim.  Once again, God let everyone at the hotel get HUNGRY FOR SUPPER at the same time, so the kids had the HUGE POOL to themselves.  :-) ~

~When we checked into the hotel, they gave us vouchers for some free juice drinks.  HERE THEY ARE...AND THEY WERE YUMMY!~

~The kids swimming.~

~Our DELICIOUS SUPPER in the hotel.~

~Some of us ordered hot tea to finish off our meal, but Kimberly is PURE COLOMBIAN...:-) and she ordered an espresso. :-) ~
~Bubu and Noah playing a game in the hotel room.~
~Our last morning in Brazil, we were busy packing up our room BEFORE breakfast ...THINKING THAT BREAKFAST WAS TILL 11:00.
All of the sudden about 10:25 I said,
"UGH! Phillip I think Breakfast ENDS at 10:30!!!  So we RAN downstairs.  Sure enough, Leo and Caro realized that we were thinking 11:00,
So they had started getting food and cups of juice for our family.  It was so sweet of them to think of us.
By the time we got to their table, we howled laughing at ALL. THE. FOOD!!~
~On the way down the trail to have devotions together, Noah spotted this neat VINE. So the kids had fun swinging on it.~

~Abigail "swings" on the vine
~Sarah fixin' to swing.~
~Mary trying out the swing.~
~Kimberly and Sarah had seen this fun little place in the woods which made a wonderful place to have devotions together.~

~Abigail and Valen.~
~Caro fixing to read us some Scripture in Spanish.~
~Then we went around and each GAVE THANKS TO JESUS for allllll His MANY blessings.  And we took this time to tell Leo, Caro, Bubu, and Valen HOW SPECIAL THIS TRIP HAD BEEN TO OUR FAMILY!!!~

~The kids got to swim a few more minutes before we left to fly back to Buenos Aires, Argentina.~

~Not sure if you can see the smoke in the distance sort of to the left, but that would be the mist rising from the mouth of the Iguazu Falls. ~
~Abigail was eating a cookie in the airplane and then when I asked her to look at me for a picture and she cracked me up with this face.~
~Landing back in Buenos Aires, Argentina.~
~Our family Waiting for 2 taxis to take us home.~

~Our souvenir tickets to the AMAZING IGUAZU FALLS!!!~
 ~Not sure if this will play, but if so, it is a VIDEO that I took at the part of the falls called"Throat of the Devil."   I hope that you can see this and hear the ROAR of the water.  You could hear it for a LONG ways!



Emily Grace said...

Thank you so much for sharing all the pictures with us of your time at the falls, Sis. Dickinson!! It is incredible to see! So thankful that ya'll got to go and see more of God's beautiful creation. :)
Love in Christ, Emily Albertson

Moma said...

Dearest Heather, what a wonderful time you all must have had and what dear friends you have to take you on such a awesome trip. I enjoyed every picture and feel a little like I may have been there. Love you all, lots, Moma

lila said...

Wow!! What a fun vacation and what great friends!! Enjoyed the tour of the falls and all the other pics. Love you tons

Anonymous said...

memories of a lifetime for sure! wow! amazingly beautiful! I imagine the pics don't even come close to doing it justice! thanks be to Jesus for this amazing gift to your family. And thanks to your special friends too! Thanks for sharing... it was fun to "take a trip there" ourselves through your photos! Love having you here as our neighbors! Love ya, Laura

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