Saturday, October 18, 2014

~Look who is 2 months old!~

Phillip would appreciate prayer.
Normally we do not do revivals when we are in the USA, for we are so tired and only travel for missions, but this time Phillip felt that the Lord would have him do a weekend revival at the Spanish church in Shelbyville, IN.
So he is preaching there tonight and tomorrow.
(and for the kids and I here!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~Jesus helped me and I snapped these pics of little Abigail Elizabeth!
(She moved her arms around and hid one of the letter's of her name behind the little shoes.
I didn't realize it until I was done taking her pics. =)
 ~This little baby gets LOTS of hugs!!!
She's a keeper.  Most nights she sleeps 6-7 hours in her own bed.  =) ~
 ~Thank you, Dear Jesus, for sending us little Abigail.~
~Love those pretty blue eyes.~
 ~How we L.O.V.E. this little dolly!~


Dorcas said...

She is so cute and alert!! Love the blue eyes.

lila said...

You did a good job on the pics!! She is so cute!! Those blue eyes with her Daddy's dark hair is so pretty!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Abigail seems to think her hand is delicious. Smile. It's amazing that she sleeps such long hours during the night. She must be a pretty laid back little girl. She still looks really young with the wrinkles on her arms and legs. I'm glad you had the strength to get these pictures taken because it's fun to get to see how she looks these days, plus you'll have them for the family to look at when she has grown up. She has such a mixture of features in her face. I can see Phillip when he was a baby, I can see your mama, Martha, in her face, and I can see your eyes when you were young, in her face. She is just like your other five babies though; she has her own look, even tho' some of her features remind us of other ones of her family. She looks like such a cute, sweet-natured, cudly little baby and I can hardly wait to meet her and hold her! I'm glad she gets so much love from her family. With love, Mom D

~Carla~ said...

Finally have taken the time to check a few blogs! What a lil doll the Lord has blessed your family with!!! So grateful for you!!! Hope to keep in touch a lil better now than I have the past year lol. Much love, Carla

Donna G said...

Thank you for the card and picture of Abigail. She is so adorable! You and Phillip sure have a beautiful family! :)

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