Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~Pics from Mary's first few hours.~

~Here I am with baby Mary and my midwife. On the day I was to be induced I didn't know which midwife was on duty, but I prayed that Gwynne would be. When I got to the hospital and I asked who was on duty...I was DELIGHTED to hear it was Gwynne! YEA! She is such a great midwife!~ ~Each time I have a baby I buy gifts for our other children for when they come to the hospital to see their new sibling. Here are the gifts for our children lined up in the hospital window. They were happy with their gifts. (Sarah's gifts are hard to see. They are some suede type winter boots and a bag of fun Littlest Pet shop animals.)~
~Phillip and I with Baby Mary. We are soooo THANKFUL to God for His blessings to us!~
~Gramp whistling to little Mary.~
~Noah getting to see and hold his baby sister at the hospital for the first time. Noah LOVES his baby sister!~
~Sarah is in Love with little Mary Grace!~

~Big sister Kimberly prayed for this baby sister and is THRILLED that God sent her to our family!~~Elijah thinks baby Mary is VERY SPECIAL! Elijah was so cute at the hospital. When baby Mary would cry he would try to comfort her by saying, "I know, baby, I know!~ (He probably does know, for it hasn't been too long since he was a baby. =)
~We were thrilled to have our DEAR Pastor and wife (Bro. and Sis. Eisenhart) visit us and baby Mary in the hospital! We LOVE them to pieces!~
~My nieces and nephew getting to see Baby Mary.~
~Our sweet associate Pastor's wife and dear friend, Susanna came to see us too!~

~We are blessed with such loving family, friends, and church family! We got some beautiful flowers from Aunt Laura (she let our kids bring them to us), our church, along with a teddy bear, and from Grandpa and Grandma Dickinson in AZ. We also got some fun baby gifts from the Pilmores, the Eisenharts, and Gram and Gramp. Gram and Gramp, and Aunt Laura got NICE gifts for Me...the Mommy. =) (A package of YUMMY Reeses, and A Yummy smelling fall candle).


lila said...

Wish we could have been there. We hope to see her soon. Your family has to be the most blessed family. I'm glad Mary was born into such an awesome family. love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I was going to tell you that the very cutest picture on this post was Noah holding Mary with 'blondie' (Elijah) engrossed in looking at his gift. But then, we saw the picture of 'Ruh Ruh' holding Mary, and were reminded of how sweet our Sarah is. Then, we saw Mary's second mother, Kimberly, holding her, and that picture brought a flood of memories of how much we love our beautiful Kimberly. It will be a joy to get to know Mary, since she will be one more personality in your family circle for dad and I to love.
I realize the heavy load on your shoulders, as you learn to incorporate care for a new baby into your schedule of daily responsibilities. I am trying to pray that Jesus will help you in the midst of your ceaseless duties.
Dad & I loved each picture in this new post.
THANK GOODNESS for your DEAR MOTHER'S HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Dad and Mom D

Gayle said...

I was so glad I got to come with my husband to see Mary! enjoyed all the pictures! Love Ya!

Ronda said...

Such sweet pictures of the celebration of your beautiful new baby girl! :)

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