Monday, December 14, 2009

~Deputation Memories~

Hello, Hello, Hello! I have not fallen off of the end of the earth, but I'm trying to re-coup and re-group after traveling thousands of miles for 4 months, meeting and greeting many precious people, homeschooling 2 girls, and keeping up with Noah and Elijah. =) Now, I'm sitting here by the lights of our tree after enjoying a cup of yummy hot coffee with eggnog creamer hoping to catch up on my blog and with y'all! A dear friend is letting our family use her home for Dec./Jan. and it is being a HUGE blessing to us! One thing that has been healing to my heart is that this year I have gotten to set up my Christmas tree and use my Christmas china again for the first time since 2004! We are taking a few days to rest up before we go back to Colombia at the end of Jan., Lord willing. I have lots of pictures to post from the rest of our deputation, just don't know if I'll get to post them all. But, for now, I'll leave you with a song that the kids and I wrote, sung to the tune of:
"These are a few of my Favorite things."

~These are a few Deputation Memories~
Playing on playgrounds and Thank you notes written,
Seeing our dog Bridget and Sarah's toy kitten.
Bright colored fall leaves on the trees,
These are a few deputation memories.

Grandma and Grandpa and Gram and Gramp
Getting to go to our Comargo camp.
Roast beef dinners, candy, cakes and treats,
And many more yummy things to eat.

When the tire goes flat,
When we catch the flu,
When we're feeling sad,
We simply remember the good times we've had
and then we don't feel so bad.

Bright city lights at night made us smile.
DeMints loaned us a motorhome to travel in "style". =)
Meeting new dear people in God's family,
These are a few deputation memories.

Being out west and enjoying God's creation.
Seeing points of interest- like a mini vacation.
Hugging aunts and uncles and kissing cousins too.
Looking at snow capped mountains-what a view.

When we grow weary,
When we're sick of school,
When we're feeling sad,
We simply give Thanks to God above,
And then we don't feel so bad.

Taking our pictures out in the freezing cold,
Seeing our dear friends both young and old.
Sharing and receiving new recipes.
These are a few deputation memories.

Fall decorations and visitors in our motorhome
Great Christian fellowship where'er we did roam.
Camping by the river in Glacier National park,
And Going out to see the stars in the dark.

When we're tired of singing,
When we need some sleep,
When we're feeling sad,
We simply Thank God for His help so far,
and then we don't feel so bad.

Going horseback riding, hiking in AZ.
Having a cough that drove us crazy.
Getting some gift bags full of special goodies.
These are a few deputation memories.

Getting to see historic Mt. Rushmore,
Riding 4-wheelers, wagons and more.
Seeing Laura Ingalls Wilders home- how neat.
Spending Thanksgiving with family-HOW SWEET!

When we say goodbye,
When we want to cry,
When we are feeling sad.
We simply remember the good times we've had,
And then we don't feel so bad.

~written by Heather 2009~


Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Came across your blog, and am enjoying it! Your song is so cute about deputation! Looking forward to hearing about your time in Columbia or Argentina. Have a Merry Christmas Season.

lila said...

The song is good. I'm so glad you've had a wonderful time. I know you all are very weary. I'm sooo glad you are getting a little rest. Hope you and yours have a very Merry you tons

Beth said...

Very nice.

sherryldickinson said...
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sherryldickinson said...
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sherryldickinson said...

What an absolutely adorable Christmas picture of your family!
I learned of things you did on deputation by way of your cute poem.
I am having way too many distractions that are keeping me from writing you, e-mailing you, and calling you dear ones. But, I realize you are just as busy and don't have time to communicate, as much as I wish we could.
I have been unearthly happy to have you guys in the U.S.for these few months! My heart just longs to be by you, physically, too but at least we had our few wonderful days together.
With all our love and affection,
Mom and Dad D.

sherryldickinson said...

Heather, could you try to copy my original comment a few more times for me? I could only get it to copy here, three times!
Have mercy! I don't know what on this earth I did to get this typed out so many times! And, I don't know how to delete them. I am sorry about this!
Your computer intelligent

Anonymous said...

Heather, I love the picture!!! Your song is so cute. Looking forward to Sunday night! Susanna Pilmore

Anonymous said...

Phillip and Heather, That picture is darling and the reading you wrote is classic. We hope that your days away are wonderful and restful. Gramp and I are having a wonderful time with four well-behaved treasures. Hurry home for Christmas. Wish that we had the means we would bring the Dickinsons here to complete a family Christmas. Love, Moma

~Heather~ said...

Mom, your comment made us crack up. You are hilarious. Sorry it posted 3 times on you, sometimes things like that happen. =) Love you bunches! Wish we could be together for Christmas as well!!

lila said...

I love your Christmas picture. Love the way you have the boys dressed. The blog background is very nice or what ever it is called. love you tons

Anonymous said...

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