Monday, September 7, 2009

~Missionary renewal weekend~

The last weekend of August our Mission...Global Holiness Mission...had a nice Missionary renewal weekend and we had a great time laughing, crying, sharing, praying, encouraging one another and drawing closer to Jesus. It was what most people would call a retreat...But...we preferred to call it a renewal...for we have no intentions of "retreat"-ing. HA! =)
Here are some pics for you to enjoy.
~A cute pic of Noah and his little friend riding bikes.~
~The kids eating breakfast.~
~Randy and Kristin sharing.~
~Bro. Wegener sharing about the radio broadcast.~
~I decorated 2 tables in the dinning room with Colombian artifacts and a Coffee theme.~
~I thought this was a fun picture of Randy relaxing with his girls.~
~Bro. Becker sharing with us.~
~We were treated like royalty by our dear cooks Sis. E., Deanna, and Tammy!~
~We played a game that was like volleyball but we used water balloons and caught them with sheets. It was DEFINATELY a lesson on TEAM WORK! =)
Our team was fixin' to fling a balloon over the net.~
~Their team anticipating our balloon. This game was a lot of fun.~
~The kids trying their hand at the game.~
~I was happy to catch this cute pic of Joshua Wegener holding our Elijah.~
~Scott and Sarah enjoying a session.~
More pics coming soon. God is helping us as we work our way North on deputation. Thank you for your prayers!


sherryldickinson said...

Thank you, Heather, for interesting pictures of a time that looks like it was beautiful. Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Yes, How blessed we were to get to be a part of this too. Thank the Lord for GHM! Praying for your travels! Love you all! your missionary sister, Laura

Dorcas said...

I'm sure this was refreshing for you & your family to share with other Missionaries!

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