Friday, August 22, 2008

~I'm still alive.~

Hello blogger world! I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have blogged. SORRY! Whew! Life has been like a giant merry-go-round that has been fun but that has gone soooo fast that it has left us dizzy. =D Since we thought that we were going to go back to Colombia on July 31st several of our Christian Nation church friends graciously opened up their homes to us for meals and to tell us good-bye. Our dear friends the Kemps came over for a quick visit which we enjoyed. Thanks Kemps! Then God let us stay some more days here in the USA and we got to help clean and paint the kitchen to get ready for Comargo camp, help Daryl and Laura with a huge project that they had facing them, and we got to attend Comargo camp too. I got to help bake in the kitchen during camp and had a blast doing that...for if you know me, you know that one of my most favorite things to do is to bake. During Comargo camp my parents and Daryl, Laura and family, and our family ran down to GA on Friday to attend the rehearsal dinner and the wedding on Saturday of my cousin Christa. It was a nice wedding and we enjoyed getting to see some of our family that we haven't seen in years. We left for Cinci on Saturday evening/night after the wedding reception and got to bed at 2:00 AM Sunday morning. least we got to be back here for the very last day of Comargo camp.
Our entire family LOVED getting to be here for camp. John Parker and Archie Atwell were the preachers and the Victory Trio were the singers. It was a great camp! Our kids loved the children's services and the fellowship of the kids during the days. Phillip and I got a lot of help and encouragement out of the services. Now, we are feverishly sorting, packing, and weighing our suitcases to head back to Colombia on the 28th, Lord willing. Please pray that we can get it all done and that we will have a safe trip back and that God will help us as we try to touch souls for Him there. I've posted some highlight pictures of what we have been doing since I posted last. Enjoy!
~Here are some pics of us helping get ready for camp. This night turned out to be a pretty eventful night. Phillip sanded the ceiling at Comargo camp and this is what he looked like...and he had already cleaned up some.=)~
~Phillip Cox accidentally spilled some paint all over the floor and all over his dear wife.~
~Here we are cleaning up the mess.~
~Then...Bro. Becker hit his head on a light and sliced it open. Here, Nurse Tammy has just fixed up his head and Phillip took a picture of me taking a picture.~
~Kimberly helping paint in the kitchen at Comargo camp.~
~All 5 of we Christian Nation Church ladies and our new babies. L to R: Sarah Susan and Ethan born in March, Heather and Elijah born in May, Stephanie and Jessica born in June, Kristin and Nikayla born in June, and Susanna and Levi born in July.~
~The Sunday before Comargo camp started our kids got to be in a program with the Christian Nation Church Jr. Church kids.~
~I LOVED getting to help in the kitchen at Comargo camp. It was fun working with all the ladies, and a real treat to get to work with my sister Laura too. I got to do some of the baking of the desserts for Comargo camp and that was a blast. I used to do some of the baking years ago before we moved for Phillip to Pastor in AZ. This was the first Comargo camp that we got to attend since 1999. We had a great time working in the kitchen.~
~My baby Elijah and I before service started one night at Comargo camp.~~
~Noah and his cousin Bryan painting during craft time at Comargo camp.~
~Kimberly was so happy to get to work in the snack bar at Comargo camp.~
~Visiting around the snack bar after church at Comargo camp.~
~Kimberly, and her cousin Brittany and her friends Katrina and Bryanna all helping do dishes at Comargo camp.~
~Janie and I working in the kitchen at Comargo camp together.~
~Here are some pictures from the Rehearsal and wedding of my cousin Christa. Since Christa was a surprise to her family (Martha, the baby was 13 when they found out that Christa was coming to join their family) her 3 older sisters, Cheryl, Susan, and Martha all teased Christa that on her wedding day they would be OLD ladies. So, at her rehearsal they surprised her and came down the aisle with a cane, a walker, and a wheel chair. =D~
~18 Years ago we wore these dresses at Laura's wedding. They were in style then and we got them brand new at JC Pennies for $1.97 each. Well, we wore them to Laura's wedding then to Grandmother and Granddaddy's 50th wedding anniversary celebration, and to other events as well. Laura and I knew that the cousins were sick of seeing these dresses (Since we all wore them so much years ago) so we showed up early to Christa's wedding in these dresses for a JOKE! We got the desired reaction that we were wanting! We even nearly messed up some of the wedding pictures, for when we walked up in these dresses all of the cousins that were in the pictures bent over double laughing!~
~Most of the second cousins (our kids).~
~The wedding party.~
~It was fun getting to be with my brother Lincoln and his dear family at the wedding.~
~It was a pretty wedding. Here are the new Mr. and Mrs. David Fulton~
~My nephew Keith caught the guarder at my Cousin Christa's wedding.~
~Sis. E. (whom our kids call "Grammy") did an excellent job (as usual) cooking for Comargo camp. Here Sharon is presenting her with some flowers and a card and gift at the end of camp. I surely enjoyed getting to work with Grammy and all the other ladies during Comargo camp. Tammy Campbell kept us laughing the whole camp.~
~Stephanie and Jessica, and Elijah and I on the Sunday of Comargo camp. We didn't plan it but we dressed Jessica and Elijah alike. =D The picture we took right after this both of our babies were bawling their eyes out. =)~
~Corrie and Kelly used Brent's truck and took all of our kids around Comargo Camp for a fun ride.~
~Aren't I looking cute? Hee! Hee! This was the Monday after Comargo camp. We were all cleaning up after camp, so I had to get a picture with these goofy glasses that I found.~
~We got to go up and see Michael, Beth, and Isaiah after we had made a quick trip to Columbus to take care of some paperwork that we will need to get Elijah's Colombia visa once we get back to Colombia. We had a nice time with Michael and Beth.~
~Gram (my Moma) got these matching dresses that just fit our Sarah and her cousin Darla to at "T". Thanks Gram!~~Last night we had a yummy dinner and fun fellowship with the Shirks and the Hausmans. Here, Phillip, and Daryl are helping Donald Shirk take down their play set. Lord willing the Shirks are moving to Alabama soon.~
~Noah on the tractor of a farmer that lives behind our Pastor's house.~
~Our kids and the neat tractor.~

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I'll try to post as soon as I can after I get to Colombia. Thanks for your prayers!


LaDonna said...

It was sure nice to sit and visit with ya'all at the rehearsal dinner. I pray for a safe trip back to Columbia for your family.

sankey family said...

Loved this newsy post and all the pictures!
We certainly understand packing and sorting...that's my life right now.
We'll be praying for a safe return to Colombia!

Ronda said...

Welcome back! Enjoyed "catching up" on your latest news...sounds like ya'll have been busy! LOVED your babydoll's new pics...he is so adorable! We will be praying for you all as you head back to Columbia...May His blessings be upon you!

Vonnie said...

Love all the pictures... glad to get caught up on all the happenings!!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Enjoyed your pictures. The baby pictures are ADORABLE!! Also enjoyed seeing Christa's wedding pictures. And speaking of weddings, you and your sister's pink dresses looked familiar! :-)

Trust your packing and trip back to Colombia goes well. God bless!

Kimberly said...

~Elijah is adorable!!
~I remember those dresses...seeing them again is too funny!!!
~Blessings as ya'll return to Columbia...Love and prayers!

Kim M. said...

So glad you are still alive :-)

I remember when Krista was little running around Alabama camp, so I really got a kick out of the picture of Cheryl, Susan, and Martha. That was great!

And I also enjoyed the pink dress joke :-)

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

WOW!! The wedding pictures really brought back memories of those girls when we were all at HSBC together. 18 years ago and now we have lived here going on 5 years and got to know both David and his new wife. I was really suprised to meet Christa after having been here with her sisters so long ago. I also was here with Laura. She always amazed me at her sewing. I never could sew and still can't. My how time flies. Have a safe trip to Columbia. We will be keeping you in our prayers. God bless as you return to the field of service He has called you to.

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