Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm back.
Our dear friends in Colombia...Jimmy and Farly have had a tragedy in their lives. Farly's father, which was a great Christian man and our dear friend too, was hit by a taxi on his way to fast and prayer at Jimmy's church last week. After suffering for a few days in the hospital, he passed away this past Monday. This news has hit our family really hard and has made Phillip and I and our children cry. We loved Don Dario and we will greatly miss him. He was a big asset to God's work there in Colombia. Please keep Jimmy and Farly in your prayers! Thanks.
It looks like we get to stay for Comargo camp, and we are very happy about that. Enjoy the pics of some of what has been keeping us busy. =D
~We picked up lunch for our family and the Shirk family and went by their house and had a nice visit with them. As I told you earlier, Don had a serious motor cycle wreck a few weeks ago. He is healing...slowly but surely. His jaw was broken and is still wired shut, so he can only have liquids right now. We Thank God for sparing Don's life. Please pray for he and his family during this difficult time. THANKS!~
~My little Elijah in a doll pack-n-play.~
~Out with the Kennedy's for a quick snack.~
~A local library had a couple of helicopters land in their parking lot and the kids got to ask the pilots questions and get inside the helicopters. There were 2 fire trucks and a police car there too. It was a fun way to begin our cousin Bryan's birthday celebration day. Here, Noah is plugging his ears because the helicopters were so loud.~
~Watching one of the helicopters land.~
~A couple policemen and Noah.~
~My little fireman...Noah.~
~our kids by one of the helicopters.~
~On the back of the fire truck.~
~At Bryan's party~
~All the kids that were at Bryan's birthday party. We had a good turn-out and a fun time.~
~We enjoyed spending a couple days with Michael, Beth (and their baby girl due in November), and Isaiah. Here, Aunt Beth has our Elijah snuggled up to his baby girl cousin due in November. =D~
~Noah and his cousin Isaiah~
~Mommy's little Elijah who is growing bigger each day.~
~Here is a picture of my 3 friends and I that took a picture when they were still pregnant. Now we all have our babies in our arms. =D (I would have had to wear a very full skirt for this picture so this skirt makes me look as big as a barn.) ~Out with the Pilmores~

~Dinner with our good friends the Harveys~
~Helping paint and get ready for Comargo camp.~


Liz said...

I'm still keeping up with your blog! Your little man so handsome! Always enjoy the updates . . .

sherryldickinson said...

How sad about Farly's father getting killed. I am sorry to hear of your loss.
I am HAPPY you get to stay for the Camp Meeting! It will give you some encouragement before you head home to minister to others.
You talk about a barn-I could show you what a barn looks like, but I'll not send you one of my pictures! You look like a model in your pictures-not a barn!
Love, Mom D in Phoenix

sankey family said...

Glad to read this update about your family and glad to hear you get to go to camp....we have so loved going to camps this's been so good for our kids (and for Marc and me, too)
What sad news from Colombia - we'll be praying for your friends.
Can't believe how quickly Elijah is growing and I think you look beautiful in your skirt!

Vonnie said...

So sorry about Don Dario. We'll be praying. Glad to get caught up with you all!!

Liz Flowers said...

Hi Heather! I have been keeping up on your blogs, I just haven't commented lately. Glad to see that your family is enjoying a relaxing time with family and friends. We just started a blog and would love to have you check it out!

Ronda said...

Enjoyed the update and pictures! Looks like ya'll are packing so much fun into your time in the States! I am very sorry about the tragedy that took place in Columbia...that is so sad. I will pray for his family. Take care and God bless!

Charity said...

I love the smiling picture of your itsy one~ such a DOLL! By the way, thanks for the phone conversation a few weeks back~ very encouraging. Things are still not completely resolved, but we are praying for a thorough resolution soon.

the nathaniel covert family said...

i hope you dont mind me asking,do you have an email or blog name for paul and susanna pillmore? paul perfomed my wedding ceremony 11 yrs ago and i would like to catch up with them and say hello. Thank you,Amy

Valorie said...

Hey, Heather! Glad your little family is doing well. Elijah is a sweetie. So sorry about the tragedy with the family from the field.

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