Sunday, May 23, 2021

~Elijah turns 13 & Phillip, Noah, and Elijah Kayak down to the Ohio River!~

Thank you so very much for your prayers for Phillip and Sarah as they went to minister at the Shelbyville Spanish Church last Sunday.

The Lord really helped them!  

Unfortunately, I was not with them, and they didn't think to take any pictures.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I absolutely cannot believe that my baby boy is 13!  He is such a kind hearted, very giving young man.  (See Kayak Story below.)

He is the most creative child I have ever seen.  If he thinks of an idea, it is not long and he is busy making it, and does a great job.  How we Thank the Lord for sending us our precious Elijah!  

He loves Jesus very much and from a young age has carried a burden and prayed for our Nation!!! 

We are so excited to see what Jesus has in store for our Elijah! 

We didn't do a lot for his birthday, just invited his "twin Levi" over and they had fun playing in the creek, catching crawdads, etc. 

~Guitar Recital!~
~The next Day Noah and Elijah had a Classical guitar recital.  
Elijah really was bummed that he could not do something more fun on the weekend of his birthday, 
but we put it off until the next weekend, because of his recital. (See Kayak Story Below.)

This is a pic of Elijah having a recital back in Argentina.  So cute and little.
~Here is Elijah 2021. The Lord helped him. ~
~Here is Noah 2021. The Lord helped him. ~
~Right before we moved out here, Elijah turned 11, and we had a surprise birthday party for him!  
When people asked what he wanted for his birthday, I told them that we were raising money to help him buy a kayak, since we would have a creek nearby.
All of his friends and family gave generously, and he got almost all the money to buy his kayak!!!  He was so Happy!!!
Noah bought himself a kayak as well.
For these 2 years, the boys have enjoyed kayaking together, but Daddy could not go with them.

So, several months ago, Elijah came to me and told me that he wanted to raise the $ to buy a kayak for Daddy.

You see, for Elijah's 13 birthday, he wanted to have the 3 of them, take 3 days, 2 nights, kayak down the Ohio Brush Creek to the Ohio River, and camp out each night. 
But, Daddy needed a Kayak if they were going to do that.

Elijah knew that Daddy would never buy himself a kayak.
So, Elijah Grabbed a Ball Jar and started a Fund which he called, "Cinnamon" so that Daddy would not know 
it was for a Kayak. :-) 
The kids raised almost all the $, we found a GREAT DEAL on a kayak, ran to Tractor Supply and ordered it.  
When Daddy came home that day, we surprised him by telling him that we had purchased a kayak for him for an Early Birthday gift!  
So this past Thursday evening, the guys got all packed up, and the girls and I took them down and dropped them off at the Ohio Brush Creek.
We picked them back up on Saturday.
~Just before leaving our house.~ 
~On Ohio Brush Creek~
~Taken from the  bridge on 41.~
~A little white water rafting.~
~Their first camp site.~
~They cooked their food each night and breakfast each morning.  
And even though it was very warm days, the nights were still chilly. 
I think they Kayaked around 25 miles.
Phillip said it was intense rowing for 25 miles, when one wasn't used to rowing. :-). 
He teasingly said he thought it would have been easier to push himself 25 miles in a wheel chair, 
than row for 25 miles. 
But they said they had a blast and made memories 
that will last a life time.  
~The Littles and I...and what we did while our guys were kayaking.~
~Mary and Abigail made Breakfast.~
~The first evening, We made Fresh Mint tea, from the Mint leaves the girls picked, and played a game of Sorry on the front porch.~
~The next evening, we Took them to go Creek Stomping.~

~While I sat in a lawn chair and looked at magazines.~
~Then we went home and the girls made "Toad in the Hole" toast and eggs for us to eat...
~While we played trouble.~
~When someone gives you oranges that need used up...
You make Orange Julius.  :-)
Noah juiced them using our nice handy dandy juicer we got for around $5.00 in Colombia...
~And then I used our Blender to make Orange Julius.  Yum!~

Yields: 4 glasses
6 oz. (3/4 cup) Orange Juice
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup sugar (could get by with a little less)
1 1/3 cups water
Blend with 1 and 1/2 trays of Ice cubes.
(I double this for my family.
I make a double batch, and then before adding the ice, I pour half into a pitcher, 
then add 1 1/2 trays of ice.  
Blend and serve. 
Then when I need more, I pour the 2nd batch out of the pitcher into the blender 
and add another 1 1/2 trays of ice for the 2nd batch.)
~And As Always....ENJOY!!~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~The Old Y Restaurant...
And a "Hug from Jesus and Aunt Carole."~
I took the girls to the Old Y restaurant.  
While chatting with the nice waitress, named Susan, I told her that I had never eaten here before, but that I had heard a lot of great reports about it from my Uncle and Aunt. 
She asked who my uncle and aunt were.
I told her that their last name was Roush.
She said, I know some Roushes. 
What are their first names?
I told her Dan and Carole, but that they had moved to Tennessee years ago, 
so she might not know them.
She said, I know exactly who you are talking about!
Didn't Carole pass away recently?  
I said, Yes! ;-(
Then she said that her parents had worked for 
U. Dan's sister Patty. 
(Who I have called, "Aunt Patty," Cause Esther always did. :-)
And that she grew up playing with my cousin Esther! 
She said that Aunt Patty's husband had just left, and that Patty should come in around 11:00!
She said, "I am going to call Patty and tell her you are here!"
She did, and Aunt Patty came and we had the nicest visit!!!
When I texted Dear Uncle Dan about this, he told me that he had gone to school with Susan's Dad!
It was a HUG for me, from Jesus and Aunt Carole that day!!
~Myself and "Aunt Patty."~
~The Eckerts were in town, so we had a nice visit.~

~Warm Apple Saute, served with ice cream.~
Someone gave me a bag of apples, that had seen better days.
But, rather than tossing them to our chickens, 
I decided to make this yummy dessert with them.
Serves 4. (I doubled it for my fam.)

3 Tablespoons Butter
4 large apples, cored, peeled (I left the peelings on), and sliced.
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 Tab. lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg (I left out)
1/2 cup dried cranberries
optional: Chopped Pecans
Preheat a skilled over medium heat. Add Butter to the skillet, and stir until melted. Add apple slices and saute them for 6-8 mins. Add brown sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried cranberries, and pecans and cook for 2 more minutes. 
Scoop vanilla ice cream into dessert bowls and top with warm apples.
Refrigerate any leftovers.
And as Always....ENJOY!!!~

~GG's Lavender Irises.~
~Just after my GG went to Heaven, Phillip transplanted some of her beautiful lavender Irises onto our property.   
Grandmother Loved the color Lavender. 
Last year the irises were struggling, and we were afraid that we were going to lose them. 
But, Praise Jesus they are alive and doing well.   
Mary brought these beautiful irises the other day for me to Enjoy!!~
Let's Keep Praying for Each other!!!  
Let's Take time for Jesus, and Love on our wonderful Husbands and families!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

~My Happy Mother's Day!~


Sadly, I didn't get to be with my Sweet Moma on Mother's Day, but we do plan on going to see them soon!!  

There are not adequate words to describe my Sweet Moma!!! 

Moma tried out to be a cheerleader in her public school in TN, way back when she was going into the 10th grade.  

Then, from a friend, she heard of a little Bible College named God's Bible School, way up in Cincinnati, OH.  

She didn't know much about being a Christian or the Holiness way, but put out a "Fleece."  




You Guessed it! 

She actually DID Make the list...but right before they hung it on the bulletin board,



Coincidence?  NO WAY!!!

Jesus was watching out for my sweet Moma!!! 

I am so glad that God led Moma in the ways of Holiness, 

led Daddy and Moma together, 

and that He allowed HER to be MY MOMA!!!

She is a sweetheart!!! She is such a wise lady!! I constantly call her to glean from her wisdom.  In fact, she will need to live to be 130, for I will need her for YEARS TO COME!!!

She has lovingly been called 

"The Martha Stewart of the Holiness Movement."

She is a phenomenal cook, baker, seamstress, decorator, Wife and Mommy, Friend, and Much More!!!! 

She is a caring Pastor's wife who has very beautifully entertained an untold number of guests, 

and she has touched way more lives for Jesus, then she will ever know, UNTIL SHE GETS TO HEAVEN AND SEES ALL THE FACES OF THOSE IN WHOSE LIVES SHE HAS MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE!!!


~My Sweet Mother-in-law didn't raise me, but she raised my sweetheart!  
She did such an awesome job.  Phillip is the most caring man I have ever met, is a pure Saint, lives very close to Jesus, and my family (Parents and Sibs) say he carries me around on a pillow. :-) 
So, Mom, Thank you for investing in Phillip's life...for by investing in his life, you have invested in mine, and the lives of our children.
I love you, Mom!  You are a sweetheart, and I am glad you are my Mother-in-Love. ~
~My Mother's Day!~
~A silly magnet that Noah saw while we were out West that says,
"Well Done, Mom, I'm awesome." :-D
We were sooo happy that Kimberly could come home, 
and that Sarah could be with us, so we could be all together for Mother's Day.
~Kimberly helping Mary practice her violin.~
Mary is quite lonely now, since she went from 3 violinist in our home, 
to soon be the only one.~
~Mother's Day at our Church.~
~Getting our Mother's Day gifts.~
~It was so fun to have Sarah and Kimberly play their violins at church again.~
~The behind the scenes pic, before we got serious to take a family pic.  
Elijah is so crazy, he keeps us laughing.~
~Worshipping Jesus together!~

On Saturday, Dear Sarah took the 3 littles to Dollar General because they wanted to shop for Mother's Day gifts for me. <3

~Abigail got me the pretty flowers in the middle of the table.~

~Kimberly's gift to me. ~
~Silly kids!~
~Sweet Abigail wrapped her gift to me.~
~Abigail got me this adorable little creamer pitcher.  She knows me WELL!  
I LOVE white pitchers, of any size.~
~Sweet Mary got me this fun little sign. I WANT MY NAPS TO BE LONG!! :-) ~
~Sweet Sarah got me my yellow watch, 
this nice crock, and this yummy smelling candle.~ 
~Sweet Kimberly gave me a gift card to one of my favorite stores.~
~Dear Josh surprised me and got me this adorable blue and white candle.~

~Kimberly also gave me this fun coffee cup and a new kitchen towel. 
~Sarah sent me this fun pic of Phillip studying for a sermon, while he was back in Colombia.~
~Kimberly found these Alfajores (cookies from Argentina) at a Marshall's store in NC.  
We all got to have a 1/2 with our Argentine Tea called Yerba Mate.~
~Josh took this sweet pic of Phillip and Sarah when they spoke at church, telling about their trip to Colombia.~
~Phillip getting set up to preach one of his zoom Spanish messages to people in Colombia one Sunday afternoon.~
~One reason that I LOVE pictures, 
is that they preserve the past!~ 
Like this photo that my brother Lincoln found and texted us on Mother's Day.
Back row, L to R: Lincoln, Laura, Andrew
Moma, myself (Heather), and Daddy.~
~And this is from Mother's Day in Argentina, 2015.~
~And these treasures from Easter, some years back.  (possibly 2016 or 2017.) 
Mary and Abigail.~
~Abigail was hamming it up, and had Mary howling laughing.~

~Noah and Elijah...with a broken arm.~

I trust that EACH OF YOU MOTHERS had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!  
Let's hug each of our children just a little tighter, 
for before we know it, 
they will grow up on us and get married. ;-) 
But, we are excited about Sarah getting married, 
'cause we will not Lose A daughter, 
but we will Gain A Son.
My days are so full right now spending time with Jesus,
helping the kids wrap up their school year, 
Running them to Cincy for their music lessons,
teaching Abigail Kindergarten, 
planning her little graduation, 
helping Sarah with fun wedding plans, 
praying for Kimberly as she wraps up her school year 
teaching in NC, 
and of course being 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Please pray for Phillip as he preaches both services this Sunday at the Spanish church in Shelbyville, IN.
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